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FEMA Hits the Streets to Help with Assistance Registration

WASHINGTON -FEMA is reaching out to tornado victims who may not be able to sign up for federal assistance on their own.
WASHINGTON - For tornado victims who haven't been able to sign up for federal assistance, help may now be coming to you.

FEMA started walking the streets of Pekin, East Peoria and Washington this weekend to help victims register for federal assistance.

A FEMA spokesperson says they're trying to get those who haven't had the chance to register yet,

That includes the elderly, the displaced residents, and those who may not have an e-mail address.

Even if victims believe they're fully covered by insurance, FEMA suggests signing up for help because you may still be eligible for aid.

"We just let them know that they should go ahead and register with FEMA, just to be safe, because maybe there'd be a possibility that FEMA may be able to assist them also," said Disaster Survivor Assistant Greta Meyers.

FEMA will continue to go door - to - door until they feel they are no longer needed.

You can also call or go online to register for aid.

The phone number is 1-800-621-FEMA.

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