Fire Department Suggests Daylight-Saving Trick

Fire Department Suggests Daylight-Saving Trick

It could save your life...
PEORIA - This weekend is daylight-saving and while forgetting to turn back the clock can cause confusion, forgetting something else could cost your life.

Peoria Fire Department Arson Investigator Brad Pierson recalls a blaze that struck a home in August.

“There was a fire here about 5:00 in the morning," Pierson said of a home on North East Glendale Avenue in Peoria.

It’s still under repair. But that fateful morning, there was a warning sound.

"And it alerted one of the younger daughters, the 11-year-old I believe to the fact that there was smoke in the house," Pierson said.

A mother fell asleep with food on the stove and the damage it caused was so devastating, the family had to move out. But there was one element that changes the ending of this story.

"In this case the smoke detector did save lives. If it wasn't here then the smoke is gradually going to get worse and it could get so large that the occupants wouldn't be able to get out of the house," Pierson said.

He hopes that one family’s experience can serve as a reminder to others.

"So if we don’t' change the battery they're not going to work. We recommend you change it out at least once a year."

Daylight-saving happens Sunday at 2:00 a.m. The fire department suggests the time change as a reminder to replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
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