Fit Friday: Boxing

Fit Friday: Boxing

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You don't have to be rocky balboa to be able to throw a punch.

  It's something almost anyone can do.


Laura Hughes says, "You're coordinated enough to box".


  Granted, in this box mania fitness class you're not competing for a heavy weight title.

  Instead it's a non-choreographed fitness class with power punching and kicking combinations on a hand held target. 

   Fitness instructor Laura Hughes says boxing provides an incredible physical workout - whether you're the one punching and kicking - or holding the target for your partner.


Laura Hughes - They require the participant to maintain a really intense focus on form and accuracy because they are so small and because of that, you are not only going to be getting a really intense physical workout, but a really incredible mental workout with the mind and body connection.


  Boxers use different punches and kicks to mix up the workout.

  In doing so,iIt's helping them develop strength, cardio endurance and balance.


Laura Hughes - "I know for myself, there are times in workouts I start getting really spacey and start thinking about something that happened before or I have to do after. I've never had that with boxing. I'm very in-the-moment and really working at the physical aspect."


  Boxing can help mix up your regular workout routine and help you see some different results in 2013.


Laura Hughes - "It's a very different use of the body."

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