Fit Friday: Lightning Workout Series Part 2

Fit Friday: Lightning Workout Series Part 2

Donnie talks to Landmark fitness instructor, Amy Bjornstad in part 2 of his Lightning Workout series.


This workout steps up the lightning workout to the ten minute plan.

It involves using more of your body weight in order to produce fat-burning results in a short period of time.


Amy Bjornstad - "These little minor lightning workouts, I like the idea of a lightning workout, you know its quick and intense." 


  When space is limited throughout your busy day, here's a way to squeeze in a thirty minute workout in just a third of the duration.


Amy bjornstad - Cause that's the biggest thing that i hear is, I just don't have time, and the truth is you do, you just have to find it." 


Bjornstad says something is better than nothing - in order to keep up your exercise routine.


Amy Bjornstad - "But if you don't make some intentional exercise part of your day, then it becomes really easy to drop that habit off from your list completely." 


Your busy schedule does not have to completely wipe out your workout for the day.

This ten minute lightning workout works great when there's a lot stacked up on your daily plate ...


The routine is simple: Start off with 20 jumping jacks, followed by 12 prisoner squats.

Then drop down for 15 pushups

Add 16 forward lunges with each leg.

And finally 12 stickups. 

That's it...

Up to a minute of rest then you just repeat the circuit until you reach the ten minute mark.


Amy Bjornstad - "They're a great thing to think of as maybe a supplement.  You don't necessarily every single day have a hour or two hours or even 45 minutes to dedicate to your workout." 

This routine is proven to be efficient and effective.


Amy Bjornstad - "You're going to get sweaty; you're going to get your heart rate up.  You're going to get those endorphins bursting through your body.  You're going to get your metabolism lifted.  It's going to feel awesome and then you're going to want more.  You're going to start finding the time to make your workouts longer."


Bjornstad stresses technique to make sure the moves are executed properly within the time frame.

Also, keep track of how many circuits you complete so that you can try to do more next time.


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