Fit Friday: Pregnancy Workouts Part 1

Fit Friday: Pregnancy Workouts Part 1

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   Amy is just about 24 weeks along.

For her, the first trimester was less about adapting to the physical changes, and more about dealing with symptoms.

Amy Bjornstad - "One thing that pretty much everybody I've ever talked to has in common is that they're incredibly tired. So one thing, even someone who has always worked out has never been an issue. Sometimes just the physicality of having the energy to get to the gym."

"I was so exhausted. It's a level of tired that people aren't really used to.

Not only are you coping with all of the changes to your body, many women worry about the effects of exercise on their baby.

   But fitness can be very beneficial to you both.

Amy Bjornstad - "Again don't let that be the excuse, 'oh I'll wait until after.' Because having that fitness background during your pregnancy is going to help you, studies have shown, help you during your labor and delivery and in your recovery after."


   If exercise is already part of your life, the first trimester won't have much impact on your daily routine.

To prepare for the rest of your pregnancy, Amy suggests trying out modifications.

Amy Bjornstad - "But if you've always been a runner and you're nervous about maybe as you get further along in your pregnancy how that impact might feel, start taking spin classes instead. You already have that cardiovascular base, so it's not going to be harmful to use your cardiovascular energy on a different piece of equipment."

   For someone who hasn't worked out much before, things like walking, zumba, or light hand weights are low impact and a great way to ease in.  Amy incorporated yoga into her routine.

Amy Bjornstad - "Never in your life will exercise have nothing to do with the scale as when you're pregnant. So it's a great time to really fall in love with exercise for all of the right reasons."

Amy suggests using the first trimester to map out a fitness plan with your doctor.

And most importantly learning to listen and respond to what your body is telling you. 

   Find out in a few weeks what adjustments should be made when more physical changes happen during the second trimester.

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