Former Limestone Duo Now Teaming Up at ICC

Former Limestone Duo Now Teaming Up at ICC

Carson Delgadillo and Reilly Dunne are teammates... again

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - EAST PEORIA, Ill. - A couple of weeks into the season, college volleyball is still new to Carson Delgadillo.

"We do some of the same drills we did in high school but a lot of stuff is new to me," said Delgadillo.

Not new to Carson is Reilly Dunne. The Illinois Central College freshman are starting their fifth season together as teammates.
The last time they weren't on the same team was when they played on rival grade school volleyball teams in Bartonville. When Carson's team eliminated Reilly's team in the junior high sectionals.

"I just wanted to beat them so bad, we didn't end up winning," said Dunne. "It was like... arrrgh."

Both former Limestone High School standouts committed to ICC on their own. They signed there National Letters of Intent on the same day in January and are now rookies trying to earn playing time with the Cougars.

"I'm super excited, new beginning, life starting over, fresh start," said Dunne. "We don't know what we're coming into."

This weekend the first-year players will play their first home matches as ICC hosts a weekend tournament.

"I'm a little nervous because it's college volleyball," said Delgadillo. "I feel like the expectations are higher."

One other great thing about having the two players together is this: Carson realized that her college teammates would love the way Reilly laughs.

"I just laugh at aything and everything," admitted Dunne. "Then people laugh with me."

"Get her to laugh," said Delgadillo. "And you'll laugh. She gets the whole team laughing wherever we are."

This fall, the pair hopes to have ICC laughing all the way to nationals.

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