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Former NHL Enforcer Now Outspoken on Bullying

Former Montreal Canadian Chris Nilan used to talk with his knuckles

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. - Chris Nilan used to talk with his knuckles.

For 13 seasons, he was one of the toughest guys in the National Hockey League. Now he's tough on bullying.

The former Montreal Canadian star was in town Thursday as the keynote speaker for the Peoria Rivermen Alumni dinner. He used the platform to talk about his goal of ridding bullying from schools and playgrounds.

"I was always for the underdog, I always stuck up for my teammates, I stuck up for my friends and my family members," said Nilan. "That hasn't changed. I'm trying to educate and empower kids to stand up for kids who aren't capable of standing up for themselves."

Nilan, a sports radio host in Montreal, was nicknamed "Knuckles" during his NHL career.

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