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Former Peoria Councilman’s Car Hit by Bullets

couple wakes up to find bullet lodged in car
PEORIA - Former Peoria city councilman, Clyde Gulley and his wife, Lucy left their house Wednesday to find bullet holes in their car.

One bullet dented the roof and the other went through a passenger side window and got lodged in the steering wheel.
Lucy Gulley said they try to be a positive influence in the first district, which her husband used to represent. She said young people often approach them about turning their life around. She said it’s a good direction in terms of cleaning up the South Side.

"So that's a very positive step for us, but we feel like there needs to be more, maybe on their end, too, as far as morality and do you really want to work and because I'm sure there are programs out there that can help them," Lucy Gulley said.

She said they have thought about moving even though they have lived on that street for 30 years.
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