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Former Peoria Man Arrested for Alleged Bomb Threats

ST. LOUIS - A former Peoria man is arrested after allegedly making bomb threats on his Twitter account.
ST. LOUIS - St. Louis Police arrest a former Peoria man for allegedly making bomb threats on Busch Stadium during the World Series.

Court documents show Robert Metzinger referenced the Boston Marathon bombings in his social media threats on Twitter.

He’s charged with a misdemeanor for making the threats.

Investigators did not find any actual bomb making materials, or the charges would be stronger.

Metzinger’s former employer turned him into police, concerned about some of his tweets.

Investigators say the tweets are threats on people’s lives.

Metzinger repeatedly referenced the Boston bombings on Twitter.

Police say he even mentioned pressure cookers and authorities say he made an implied threat to use a bomb at Busch Stadium during the World Series games this past week.

Metzinger posted bond and was free Wednesday night.

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