Furloughed Military Father Worries About Bills

Furloughed Military Father Worries About Bills

Father says he's worried about childcare costs when he's furloughed
PRINCEVILLE – One military mechanic says the shutdown is making it hard to pay the bills.

"I looked at the news Tuesday morning before I went to work and realized that it was going to be shutting down so we worked for four hours and were told to go home," said Donald Peterson, who has worked at the Area Maintenance Support Activity 48 in Bartonville since 2007.

But for now he's more of a stay at home dad and said doesn't know how long he'll be able to afford it.

"I do a lot of sitting at home, when I have my son we try to do small things that don't cost a lot of money."

Peterson said his situation was shaky. He said he's budgeting off an already tightened belt because of furlough days he's already had to take.

"Just a one day pay cut hurt badly enough, now were going to be taking shut down days to we don't know when," Peterson said.

He’s hoping the harvest will help him keep from breaking the bank.

"Just try to find little extra jobs whether they pay eight bucks an hour, whether they pay 10 bucks an hour I just try to make up the money that I can," he said. "All I just want to do is get back to work."

Peterson said he usually helps a local farmer till up the soil after harvest. With a late season and dry ground, he says that job is on hold too.
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