Generac Donates Generator To Washington Family

Generac Donates Generator To Washington Family

Wisconsin company donates equipment to family in need
By Donnie Tillman

WASHINGTON - Sunday's storms provided the worst possible scenario for one Washington family.
Before "Rebuilding Hope", their daughter's life topped their list of concerns.

5 year old Isabel Montgomery requires power to simply live.

She needs machines that help her breathe and eat; which resulted in her father staying awake all night to make sure the generators they borrowed didn't fail. 

But,  a Wisconsin based company named Generac took action Friday, providing the Montgomery family with a home standby generator.

"For Generac to step up, and give us a home generator, such a peace of mind, such a peace of mind.  My little girl. She's happy, she's beautiful, but she does require a lot of help recovering from her heart transplant." says Crystal Montgomery (Isabel's mother)

Art Aiello of "Generac" says, "The next time this happens, they don't have to be outside baby-sitting generators, they can be inside with their children and they can be inside helping their family."

The generator is built to turn on seconds after the power goes out and no one will be required to sit up all night to re-fill it with gas.

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