Gluten-Free Products Expensive To Pocket

Gluten-Free Products Expensive To Pocket

PEORIA - Gluten-Free May Be Healthy For Your Body But Not So Much For Your Wallet.
The price for Gluten-Free products isn't cheap.
Some items cost only cents more than its Gluten-Containing counterpart but some items can cost several dollars more.

"You would think that removing something from food would be cheaper but that certainly is not the case", says HyVee Health Market Manager Jan DuBre-Scholz.

DuBre-Scholz says Gluten-Free manufacturers have to replace machines and rethink processing plans in order to remove Gluten.

"I think there's enough demand for prices to drop, more people are buying Gluten-Free products which should drive the higher costs down in a couple years", says DuBre-Scholz.

She says many people without food allergies or Celiac are making the switch to a healthier lifestyle.
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