Health Department Spacing Out Affordable Care Act Appointments

Health Department Spacing Out Affordable Care Act Appointments

How the health department is handling Affordable Care Act enrollment
PEORIA - Thursday day three of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act and people are steadily signing up.

The Peoria City-County Health Department says it's spoken to hundreds of people about their options and about one hundred have signed up so far.

Programming counselor, Kelly Stewart said the health department is spreading out appointments in order to lighten the load on the website.

Stewart said people are taking their time in order to look at the different plans. She said people have a few weeks to decide which level of coverage is best.

“We're making appointments but we're not making them until next week or the week after, just until the system slows down a little bit, so it's not as time consuming to get through because it is very slow, it's been a popular site this week," Stewart said.

To get coverage on January 1st, people have to sign up by December 15th.
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