Hometown Heroes: Tech Sergeant Ian Sheehan

Hometown Heroes: Tech Sergeant Ian Sheehan

<br><span size="2" style="font-family: Microsoft Sans Serif;">Tech Sergeant Ian Sheehan is this week's Hometown Hero</span>

Bloomington-Normal native Tech Sergeant Ian Sheehan has been in the United States Air Force for eleven years.

Ian is currently deployed to Afghanistan as part of an elite team known as the 'Jolly Green Giants' or 'Pedros.' 

In the Air Force's combat search and rescue helicopter, Ian puts himself in harm's way to bring back those who are critically wounded during battle.

For his life saving missions, Ian has received an air medal with valor and a Sikorsky rescue award.

He has also been a part of direct support for both President Bush and President Obama.

Ian's wife Carma and their two boys Jak and Braddock are based in Okinawa, Japan.

Ian proudly honors his mother and his in-laws, who are also veterans, with his service.

Tech Sergeant Ian Sheehan, this week's Hometown Hero.

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