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Instant Miracle: Man Wins Money Needed to Visit Terminally Ill Nephew

BLOOMINGTON - A local man found good fortune at just the right time.
BLOOMINGTON – A local man is now a believer in miracles after earning the money needed to visit his terminally ill nephew in Paris, France.

On Sunday Conrade Selle won $10,000 from an Illinois lottery scratch off ticket he purchased on the fly.

Selle had been driving by a billiard parlor and decided to try his luck.

To his amazement he bought a winning ticket.

Earlier that day Selle learned his seven year old nephew's battle with leukemia had taken a turn for the worst.

With finances tight, he didn't have the money needed to travel overseas until that fateful night.

Selle hopes it's a good sign his nephew's health can be restored.

"I’m starting to believe miracles can happen,” said Selle.  “I just wanted to get the word out that, if you can pray for Matthew right now...now is the time and I’m believing in a second miracle and I hope to see that happen."

Selle and his son leave for Paris Monday.

The money he won pays for both of their plane tickets.

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