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Keep An Eye On The Roads As Farmers Prepare To Harvest

PEKIN - Area Farmers Are Preparing To Harvest And Will Be Out On Many Roadways
Fall is the time for cool temperatures and colorful leaves but for farmers it's time to make money.

Harvesting will soon begin for many local farmers which means they'll be in their fields as well as the roadways. 

The Illinois Farm Bureau wants to remind you that combines and other big farming equipment will be on the roads for the next several weeks and to be on the look out for them. 

"They only travel at about 20 miles-per-hour", says Doug Godke with the Tazewell County Farm Bureau. 

He says they should have flashing lights on them to indicate their presence but sometimes they can be hidden.

Extra caution and attention should be used on roadways near crop fields for the next several weeks. 
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