Kirk Affirms His Support For CIRA

Kirk Affirms His Support For CIRA

Senator Mark Kirk stopped by the Central Illinois Regional Airport on Wednesday.
BLOOMINGTON - The Central Illinois Regional Airport has an ally from Washington.

Senator Mark Kirk stopped by CIRA Wednesday.

His goal was to meet with local lawmakers and airport personnel, and to affirm his dedication to the airport after federal budget cuts almost shut down the tower in June.

Kirk says he knows how important the tower is to the area's vitality and wants to make sure it stays open.

“The community is making the right priorities known by making funds available to make sure that it keeps running. And when I go back to Washington, I will make sure that that lack of sense about what happens in Bloomington is heard at the highest level,” said Kirk.

If they don't receive any money from the federal level, county officials estimate it could cost the area about $500,000 a year to keep the towers open,

Congress recently passed a continuing resolution through Jan. 15. The focus now is keeping the towers open beyond that time frame.

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