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Local Clinic Preparing for Roll Out of Affordable Care Act

The Heartland Community Health Clinic has hired new employees that deal specifically with the Affordable Care Act.
PEORIA – The Affordable Care Act will soon change the way our country handles healthcare. New employees at the Heartland Community Health Clinic were hired to help the public with enrollment.

The uninsured can begin signing up for healthcare plans on Oct. 1. In the meantime, employees at the clinic are being trained on the ins and outs of what’s frequently called Obamacare.

Employee Brittney Wallace said she will spend a lot of her days out in the community talking to people about their options. “Essentially we're going to be guiding people, mostly for the first time, through this insurance journey. So we will be there holding their hand making sure they're aware of all of their options and they can make a well informed decision.”

In the Peoria area, about 12 percent of adults are uninsured. The Affordable Care Act aims to offer everyone coverage, no matter what pre-existing condition you may have.
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