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Local Fast Food Employees Strike For Higher Wages

Local Fast Food Employees Strike For Higher Wages
By: Donnie Tillman

PEORIA - A number of Central Illinois workers in the fast food industry are walking in protest of their pay today.

Workers are fighting for an increase in wages throughout the service industry.

This is the second time fast-food employees in the area have joined together in the strike wave.

Many in the food industry say it's unfair, with a growing need of jobs, accompanied by record profits, their positions continue to be the lowest paid.

Spokesperson and worker Delilah Hill says, "What we got going on here today is the fight for 15.  It's just the start so we can get heard, so people understand where we're coming from.  We're making minimum wage.  It's supposed to be an equal opportunity.  You're not going us the opportunity to make it better in life."

Employees say they also want the right to form a union without interference from their employers.
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