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Local Man Fixing Broken Car Windows, Windshields for Storm Victims

A local man wanted to help victims in a way he said wasn't already being addressed.
WASHINGTON – The tornado didn’t just flatten homes, it also did a lot of damage to vehicles. One man has found a way to make those much-needed repairs.

Corey Campbell said he wanted to help in a way that wasn’t already being addressed. Along with The Glass Doctor, Campbell’s team will fix cars that still work but just need some help. On Saturday, they gave out estimates and set up appointments. Next week, donations will pay for people to get new windows and windshields.

Campbell said, “You know in the last couple days I've probably got 50 phone calls peopel say hey, what are the strings that are attached, right? And we've tried to say, there's nothing just bring your car and we'll pay for it if there's a need for it."

Repairs are scheduled to start on Monday.

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