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Local Officials Gather For Annual Prayer Luncheon

PEORIA - The 39th Annual Peoria Mayor's Leadership Prayer Luncheon was held Thursday at the Sheraton Hotel.
PEORIA - Local leaders and officials gathered Thursday for the 39th Annual Peoria Mayor's Leadership Prayer Luncheon.

The luncheon is a special time for local leaders to get together and share their faith and prayers for the city of Peoria.

With all the recent violence in Peoria, Mayor Jim Ardis says this year's luncheon is especially important.

"Certainly in light of some of the difficult times we've faces in the past couple of weeks, it's really a good opportunity for everyone to fellowship with each other and put direction in their faith in asking for assistance with some of the issues we're facing", says Ardis.

Guest speaker at the luncheon was Gary Maxwell, President of Maxwell Value Chain, who has spoken at several luncheons.

He says "We all experience difficulties, but if we're really focused on Him and the faith we have in Him and the plan He has for our lives, He's got a path for us and to me it's very encouraging when people circling around their faith in Christ are trying to be apart of the solution".
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