Local Representatives Share Opinions On Syria Crisis

Local Representatives Share Opinions On Syria Crisis

Republican Aaron Schock and Democrat Cheri Bustos weigh in on the conflict.
Our local representatives are sharing their opinions on the crisis in Syria.

Friday, President Obama said he’s hopeful Secretary of State John Kerry will make progress in talks to secure Syria’s chemical weapons.

Kerry is in Geneva for a second day working on a Russian proposal on the crisis in Syria. U.S. Representatives Cheri Bustos and Aaron Schock weigh in.

Republican Representative Schock said, “When I learned about Syria and I learned what the President wanted my initial reaction was heck no. No way am I going along with that but the precedence of chemical warfare is a game changer. Not just in Syria but in all conflicts around the world.”

Democrat Representative Bustos said, “We are approaching this from a diplomatic solution and I’m encouraged by that I hope we'll continue to go in that direction. Anything in my mind that we can do through diplomatic measures and try to avoid any kind of strike I’m in favor of doing that.”

The lawmakers will head back to Washington D.C. next week. The conflict in Syria will be a top issue, but they said discussions will also begin on the budget.
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