Local Shops Celebrate National Coffee Day

Local Shops Celebrate National Coffee Day

BLOOMINGTON – The classic cup of Joe is being honored.
BLOOMINGTON – Sunday September 29th, marks  "National Coffee Day."

In the Twin Cities, caffeine lovers could enjoy their favorite brew at The Coffee Hound in downtown Bloomington.

The spot features a variety of drinks ranging from lattes, to iced coffees and even an arrangement of pastries.

The owner, April Fritzen says the nationally recognized celebration is a great way for everyone to celebrate the classic "cup of Joe."

“There's a lot more to coffee than just a cup of coffee. I'd like to appreciate the farmers that grow our coffee and all the hard work that's actually put into it. But then our barista's, our employees are the final step in a long process to represent the coffee for our customers,” said Fritzen.

Coffee Fun Facts:

It's been shown to boost weight loss and improve mood.

Consumers looking for an added boost of caffeine should buy light roasted coffee beans.

Dark roast contains less caffeine.

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