Louisville Slugger Sports Complex Coming to Peoria

Louisville Slugger Sports Complex Coming to Peoria

The well-known company is behind a new facility, that will feature a 125,000 sq. foot dome for year round play.

PEORIA – Peoria officials are unveiling the details for a new state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sports facility.


It will be called the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex.


Leaders said the impact of this will be the biggest since the Civic Center was completed.


The leading brand for diamond sports plans to break ground in Peoria. Vice-President of Marketing for Louisville Slugger. Kyle Schlegel, said, “130 years, we've been around, baseball, softball, you name it and this is a big step for us. This is the first time we've ever branded a complex like this."


It will be called the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex. Renderings give an idea of how it will be laid out. It will be built on 50 acres of land near the Shoppes at Grand Prairie. There will be 10 synthetic-turf youth baseball and softball fields, and 125,000 square foot dome for indoor play.


Mayor Jim Ardis said, “A lot of people are going to benefit by this. Let alone the business community who will benefit by a couple hundred thousand visitors a year coming to our community."


So, why Peoria?


Schlegel said, “In a three hour radius, you've got just millions of people and tons of youth sports.”


Leaders said it’s a unique opportunity for players and families, and a chance for Peoria to have yet another role in the sports industry. Ardis said, "I think people, once they understand this, they're going to love it."


Schlegel added, “We're investing a lot in the experience in the kids that come here so beyond the logo and the brand that they'll see, we're bringing parts of our museum from Louisville here. So they can see the history of the sport and the brand and be involved in that."


The Peoria Zoning Commission will meet and vote on the land use, and then the project goes to City Council for a final vote.


Construction could begin as early as spring, and they expect the dome to be done by next winter.

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