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Maddux Becomes First Former Chiefs Player in HOF

Greg Maddux started his career in Peoria, it ends in Cooperstown

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill.  - Greg Maddux started his career in Peoria.  It'll end at Cooperstown.

Maddux was named by 972 percent of the voters Wednesday and was elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame. The former Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves pitcher started his career with the Class A Peoria Chiefs in 1985.

"He was just a small, skinny kid," said Chiefs President Rocky Vonachen, the son of former Chiefs owner Pete Vonachen. "One of the stories is he was pitching a game, it was windy and a scout told dad, 'You better put a couple bricks in his pockets or he'll get blown off the mound.' He worked so hard and was so smart about the way he pitched."

Maddux, who won 355 games and four Cy Young Awards in the big leagues, will enter the Hall of Fame with former Atlanta pitcher Tom Glavine and ex-White Sox slugger Frank Thomas.  All three made it to Cooperstown on their first ballots.

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