Mall Bustles With Last Minute Shoppers

Mall Bustles With Last Minute Shoppers

'Tis the season to procrastinate.
PEORIA – ‘Tis the season for procrastination and a number of people were playing catch up on Christmas Eve.

Northwoods Mall was bustling with last-minute shoppers. Some claimed they were taking advantage of final Christmas deals. Others said work and holiday to-do lists had gotten in the way.

"Yeah this is fine. There's still a lot of stuff on the shelves a lot of things to choose from so it turned out really well," said shopper Jeff Kingsley.

"I always say I won't put it off but I always do," said another hurried customer.

"You're going to shop earlier, but it doesn't ever happen so here I am today," another man said.

With an uncertain economy, many people have had to hold onto their wallets a little tighter this year. Experts say that's why sales might be a little bigger now in order to get people to shop.
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