Mapleton Church Celebrates 175 Year Anniversary

Mapleton Church Celebrates 175 Year Anniversary

Members explain what holds them together
MAPLETON - They meet every Sunday to sing, pray and praise the lord, but for one Central Illinois church, this Sunday morning was also a celebration of a major milestone; 175 years.

It can sustain long time members because LaMarsh Baptist Church in Mapleton has been around for a long time.

Member Debbie Tibbs said it’s some of those members that keep her coming back.

“I love these people and I think they love me. I think that's what holds us together. The love of Christ through each other.”

Tibbs said members don’t just have good relationships with each other, but with other churches too. A Baptist church from Pekin stopped by, mid service, with a cake to congratulate the pastor and his congregation on the milestone.

“The world draws people away, but you have to make a good foundation of root people,” Tibbs said about the organization’s longevity, but there’s something else that adds to it, too; generosity.

At the last service the Church said it collected more than $4,000 in offerings between the general fund, missions and other donations. Hoping that good spirit will stick around for another 175.

“We have people that go away and then come back and go, wow, you're still here. I knew you would be. And that's exciting to know you have that kind of testimony in the world,” Tibbs said.

The church keeps growing. Sunday after the service the pastor baptized eight people wanting to join the LaMarsh Baptist family.
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