Metamora Police To Soon Welcome K9 Officer

Metamora Police To Soon Welcome K9 Officer

Chief says K9 is needed to sniff out drugs
METAMORA – Metamora’s first K9 officer is in training.

A dog named Oz is about to be the newest addition to the police force. Originally brought over from Belgium, Oz is two weeks into its training at the K9 Institute in Lincoln.

Although Metamora is relatively small, the Police Chief, Michael Todd said it intersects two major highways. The Peoria to Chicago route attracts drug traffickers and the Todd said a K9 will help them sniff out more crime.

"We've taken quite a bit off the streets during traffic stops, but we know that, you know, without the aid of a dog that a lot gets past our noses," Todd said.

Although the cost to train Oz will be around $20,000, Todd said it's worth it because it will help keep drugs out of the surrounding neighborhoods and schools.
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