Metamora Shows of Team Pride in Homecoming Parade

Metamora Shows of Team Pride in Homecoming Parade

"Everyone’s a Redbird in Metamora.”
METAMORA - In a show of die-hard school spirit, Metamora fans took to the streets Friday to support the Redbird.

"I'm a Redbird, I’ve been a Redbird for so many years and I love Metamora," said Mary Miller who was decked out in red clothes and face paint.

Going off of the large turnout filling Chatham Street, Metamora is a township that goes all out for its homecoming parade.

"It’s amazing the team does so much for us and we just give back by supporting them," Miller said.

Children scrambled to pick up candy flying at their feet from others on floats, eager to participate. People young and old want a piece of the Redbird action, including Germantown Hills Elementary baseball player, Jack Moore.

"Most of what I wear is red and black," Moore said.

Through the music and cheers, Coach Chris Dalberg said, there’s a special bond.

"Schools come together, the small local businesses, just everything brings everyone together."

He said it’s a cause the whole community can rally around.

"Everyone’s a Redbird in Metamora.”

Metamora’s high school football team faced off against the Dunlap Eagles Friday night.
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