Mexican Consulate Mobile Unit Serving Peoria Population

Mexican Consulate Mobile Unit Serving Peoria Population

The Mexican Consulate Mobile Unit from Chicago is serving hundreds of people in Peoria.
PEORIA – Chicago’s Mexican Consulate Mobile unit made a stop in the River City to serve the Mexican community.

The unit is spending two days here to help people process passports and ID applications. It’s set up at the First United Methodist Church’s auditorium building, located at 700 Main Street.

The Pastor of the Latino ministry, Adrian Garcia, said there is a huge need for these services, and not just locally. He said, “Not all of the people come from Peoria. I mean because people from Chicago, Indiana, Wisconsin, they know it will be hard for them to get their own appointment in Chicago.”

The mobile site will be available again on Friday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Services are by appointment only.
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