Mighty Pit Rescue

Mighty Pit Rescue

CUBA - One woman is dedicating her life to save Pit Bulls.

CUBA - “They're a breed that's not very well respected,” said Jane Whitmer.

She says that’s why Pit Bulls need a little extra love.

Two years ago she started “The Mighty Pits Rescue” out of her home.

“Saved over 50 dogs so far”

She finds Pit Bulls that have been abused or don’t have a promising future at a shelter.

Then she finds foster parents to take them in, eventually hoping to find permanent homes.

“We do have a trainer that goes in and tests and evaluates the dogs before we take them in.”

She says when she found Brutus and Precious, they were neglected, sharing a cage that was too small.

“It breaks your heart when you first go in there, but you get them out and you can tell that they're appreciative, you can feel their appreciation just giving you a great overwhelming feeling.”

And it all started with one very special Pit Bull

“I went through an accident back in 2006 and I lost my first spouse. and I had a pit bull at the time and she was my everything during my accident and rehabilitation and everything.”

Now she wants to give back to the breed and others are helping out.

“I am fostering two dogs, Samson and Olive,” said Courtney Kasemyer.

“Shake mommy's hand.”

She says she was pleasantly surprised by the two companions.

“They're very lovable it's ridiculous. Samson, I call him Sir-Kiss-A-Lot because he loves to give me kisses it's ridiculous.”

Her only complaints…

“He's a bed hog and he snores really loud.”

They might not know how to fetch a ball and actually bring it back, but the pair makes up for it in other ways.

“It's definitely made me a lot more active person. Got to walk them a lot. They have a lot of energy and it's taught me a lot of things, like how to make me more compassionate and definitely patient.”

Hoping that one day someone will be able to adopt her two.

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