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Mostly Dry Weather Affecting Many Illinois Crops

Mostly Dry Weather Affecting Many Illinois Crops
While temperatures returned to near normal levels in Illinois last week, the mostly dry conditions continued to have a negative affect on many Illinois crops, according to a new report out Monday by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Precipitation averaged .34 inch while parts of northeast Illinois received over an inch of rain. Topsoil moisture continued to decline and was rated at 17 percent very short, 52 percent short and only 31 percent adequate. Subsoil moisture was rated at 14 percent very short, 42 percent short and 44 percent adequate. Corn in the dented stage reached 29 percent, continuing to lag behind the five year average of 56 percent. Corn was rated at 3 percent very poor, 10 percent poor , 45 percent good and only 14 percent excellent. 94 percent of soybeans were bloomington and 83 percent setting pods compared to 91 percent in the five year average. 2 percent of soybeans were in very poor condition, 51 percent in good condition and only 9 percent in excellent shape.
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