Neighbor Love Group Delivers Items to Local Residents

Neighbor Love Group Delivers Items to Local Residents

A Georgia faith group visited elderly people in the River City.

PEORIA – A Georgia faith group is in the River City to spread some holiday cheer to residents who are often forgotten.


The group is called Neighbor Love. For two years, it has been organizing holiday parties for senior citizens.


On Sunday, they stopped at Sharon Health Care Elms in Peoria where they handed out gift bags to all 74 residents.


They gave away items like soap, crosswords, toys, and fresh fruit.


The group even held a Christmas carol sing-along. Tom Sargeant, the director, said, “It’s not a motivation of wealth or anything because we believe that wealth is not having the most, it’s having the least. So the less you need the more you are able to give away to those who are in need.”


Sharon Health Care Elms said most of its residents have no visitors throughout the year, so Sunday’s event was very special.

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