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New Gunfire Detection Technology Coming To Peoria Police Department

A new $400,000 technology will help Peoria Police cut back on crime.
PEORIA – The Peoria Police Department is acquiring a high-tech tool aiming to cut back on crime.

It’s called the ShotSpotter Gunfire Detection System. It works by using audio sensors that recognize if gunshots were fired or if it was something different, like fireworks.

It’s so precise; it can even detect the caliber of a shot fired.

Peoria Police Captain Mike Scally said the system will be an important asset for his officers. “This will take us to more where the gunfire is exactly happening and if we have to expand from there go out from there. Also it will hopefully get our officers on the scene quicker.”

Captain Scally said the system will be installed over the next three months. The three year program is costing the city $400,000.
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