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New Jersey Governor Maintains Popularity after Bridgegate

New Jersey Gov. Maintains Popularity Despite Bridgegate

Despite the amount of news coverage regarding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the so called Bridgegate investigation, the Republican governor continues to be very popular. According to two new polls, Christie maintains a high rating with New Jersey voters. A Monmouth University/Asbury Press survey found Christie's approval rating remains high at 59 percent with 32 percent of New Jersey voters disapproving. That is a six point drop from a month ago but a majority of New Jersey residents believe the governor is telling the truth and wasn't involved in the decision to close the bridge lanes which has led to the firing of one of the governor's top aides. A new Pew Poll also found the controversy hasn't hurt Christie much. 60 percent hadn't changed their mind, 6 percent had a more favorable view of him while 16 percent view him less favorably.
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