New Law Means Tax Changes for Same Sex Couple

New Law Means Tax Changes for Same Sex Couple

Some couples could amend previous tax returns.
PEORIA - Tax season is coming up and certain couples will be filing differently thanks to a new law.

The same sex marriage law takes effect in Illinois on June 1st. Couples who marry after that will no longer file as a single any more. Since it's different than civil union, married couples will have to file as married, either jointly or separately for 2014.

Coming up this year some might already get the benefits. Couples may have gotten married in another state where it was legal then moved to Illinois. Those people can go back and amend prior tax returns up to three years to reflect their married status.

"I would definitely look at amending it because it's just worth a look because it could help you a lot it could not help you at all but you just want to know, kind of get peace of mind," said William Sharpe, president of Total Income Tax.

And just a reminder, tax season will start a little later than it's supposed to this year. Sharpe said it’s because of the government shutdown that the January 21st date was pushed back ten days. Even though the IRS opens on January 31st, the deadline for taxes is still April 15th. He recommends filing as early as possible.
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