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Pekin High School Gives Seniors Hands-On Help With College Applications

Pekin High School is holding College Application Day with the goal of getting every senior to apply.
PEKIN – A Tazewell County high school is promoting college application month through an event that gives its seniors some hands-on help.

Pekin Community High School is taking advantage of a new state program through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

For one day, Pekin’s more than 400 seniors are using the school’s resources to apply to colleges and trade schools.

Counselor Amanda Fitts said the goal is to have every student apply to at least one school. She said the support helps students tackle what can be an overwhelming process.

Fitts said, “The idea is that students tend to apply late in the process or they don't apply at all because the process is very overwhelming. There are a lot of things to know and a lot of questions to ask.”

Fitts said the day is also providing resources for those students entering the workforce after high school and those looking for scholarships. It’s the first year for this kind of event.
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