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Pekin Hospital Staff Return from Mission Trip

How they helped a rural village in Nicaragua
PEKIN - Earlier this month, staff at Pekin Hospital embarked on a journey across the world to put their medical skills to the test.

One October 11th, 29 doctors, nurses and other hospital staff flew out to Nicaragua. They went to a rural village and for one week they held a clinic, serving up to 250 people a day. The team treated things like high blood pressure, infections and did preventative care too, even giving families a supply of vitamins and aspirin.

"Helps them to be able to treat the minor things that you or I could treat you know, by running to Walgreens, or CVS or one of those things they don't have access to anything like that," said Unit Director, Cindy Justus.

Justus said the team saw around 2,500 patients over the course of the trip.
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