People Bundle up To Enjoy Santa Parade Tradition

People Bundle up To Enjoy Santa Parade Tradition

PEORIA - Find out which floats won...
PEORIA - After 126, the Santa Parade is still bringing Christmas spirit to downtown Peoria.

The crowd arrived early, eager to get the best spot along the side walk. Onlookers bundled up under coats and blankets to brave the below freezing temperatures for the parade, sponsored by South Side Bank.

Dozens of floats passed by for what was almost two hours of a Peoria holiday tradition, televised by WMBD31.

Marching bands filled the chilly air and kids rushed to collect candy tossed from the floats. For some the parade is a must see every year, others came out this year for the first time.

"The joy of the season is just such a blessing to just be around this enthusiasm," said David Suszek.

"Real exciting for the kids to see the floats as soon as she saw the first float she's like, woah!" said Kris Severinsen, who was bouncing his granddaughter on his shoulders.

"It's a complete tradition in our family. We come from Nashville for it," said Susanne Post.

Judges voted on the best floats. These are the winners:

Best Commercial Float
1st Place: South Side Bank
2nd Place: St. Francis Woods Facility

Best Non Profit Float
1st Place: Peoria Players Theater
2nd Place: Peoria Park District

Best Novelty Entry: Girl Scout Service Area Troop 440
Best New Entry: Peoria Players Theater
Best Overall Unit: Peoria Players Theater
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