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People Find Washington ID in Chicago, Return In Person

They drove from Chicago to deliver it in person
People Find Washington ID in Chicago, Return In Person

EAST PEORIA - Madie Adams is 11-years-old and lost her home in the tornado, but in downtown Chicago a few nice people found her school ID near some railroad tracks and decided to make a personal delivery.

Madie and her mother exchanged hugs with three strangers who had given them back a shred of life before the storm.

Along with returning the ID, they also gathered some money so the family could do something fun once they get back on their feet.

"We just decided well obviously we couldn't mail it because I'm sure there's no mailboxes anywhere, so Tom just said we can just drive there," said Eva Savickas.

"I didn't know what they were going to do, or what they were going to say. Then I was happy they found my ID. This is going to be awesome and it just ended up to be they were really nice people," Madie Adams said.

The trio also gathered donations for the tornado victims. They brought down a car-full of items to give away.
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