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Peoria Federal Defender Office Benefits after Shutdown

Silver lining to the shutdown
PEORIA - Part of the deal to reopen the government includes an extra $26-million for the Federal Defenders Program, which has a direct effect on the office in Peoria.
It's one of the few programs that got more funding from the renegotiated budget. The sequester took a 14 percent cut out of its budget. (Click here to see that story)

Chief Federal Public Defender, Jonathan Hawley said this small boost will make an impact.

"It will put funds back into the accounts which allow us to travel, allow us to retain experts. Allow us to keep our equipment up to date, essentially fund all our other functions at a normal level," Hawley said.

Sequester cuts forced the office to lay off three lawyers. While they won't be hired back, the rest of the staff can now stop taking furlough days.
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