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Peoria PD Resident Officer Moves into East Bluff Home

Peoria Police are expanding their resident officer program. The second officer moved into his new home Wednesday.
PEORIA – The Peoria Police Department’s second resident officer is moving into his new home.

Officer Cary Hightower will be working and residing in the city’s East Bluff. Police said the resident officer program gives an area around the clock support and attention.

The ultimate goal is to cut down on the crime.

Officer Hightower said he’s ready to take on his new role. “This is a great opportunity that someone can come and actually work in an area and be part of the neighborhood, be part of that area and help people out in just the smallest ways, of just talking to them.”

The Peoria Police Department already has one resident officer, who lives in the city’s West Bluff.

The department hopes to continue to expand the program.
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