Peoria Schools Celebrate College Colors Day

Peoria Schools Celebrate College Colors Day

Peoria Public Schools Celebrate College Colors Day
PEORIA - Peoria Public Schools are putting all types of color on display Friday.

Staff and students are celebrating college colors day by wearing their favorite collegiate apparel.

Franklin Primary was just one of many schools participating in the annual tradition.

Staff plan on holding a variety of discussions and events throughout the day.

The goal is to use the theme day as a tool to impact each student's future.

Marcia Lough, a 4th grade teacher at Franklin says, “We start talking to kids about college, and how they can plan for college in the future.  The more you start thinking about it, the more it becomes integrated into your daily life and it’s not such a huge decision.  It's just oh yeah; I’m going to college eventually."

College colors day started back in 2005 in order to share the college spirit with friends and colleagues.

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