Pets Dislike the Cold Just as Much as We Do

Pets Dislike the Cold Just as Much as We Do

PEORIA - Colder temperatures not only take a toll on the human body but also on our furry friends.
As temperatures continue to plummet during the winter months, it's important to not forget how it also affects our pets. 

The Peoria Human Society says animals with shorter hair, or no hair, are more susceptible to the elements of the cold. 
"A pre winter check-up with the vet is always a good idea to see if there are any other health problems with your pets", says Lauren Malmberg, who works for the Peoria Humane Society. 

Some things to avoid during the winter:
Avoid leaving your pets out for a prolonged period of time. 

If they stay outside:
A suitable living space with 4 walls and a wind breaker. 
Clean water
A bed of hay, wood chips, etc. 

For more information on pet safety tips click here for a link to the Peoria Humane Society's website.
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