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Pew Poll:Health Care Law Faces Challenges

Pew Poll: Health Care Law Faces Challenges
A new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll shows President Obama's new healthcare law is still facing some political challenges. While enrollment for the so called Obamacare is expected to rollout in the next few weeks, the public's view of the new law remains negative and the president's handling of health care has hit a new low. 53 percent of those polled disapprove of the new law, the highest level since the controversial  law was signed three years ago. For the first time in two decades, Republicans are preferred over Democrats with health care policy, 40 to 39 percent. 41 percent predict the effect of the new health care law on them will be negative and even more, 47 percent say the law will have a negative impact on the country as a whole. Confusion over the new health care law remains high with just 56 percent of  young people, seen crucial to make the new system work, realize there is a mandate to be insured or face a fine.  
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