Photographers Help Capture Memories for Tornado Victims

Photographers Help Capture Memories for Tornado Victims

WASHINGTON - A group of photographers set up photo shoots for families who lost nearly all their pictures in November's tornado.
WASHINGTON - So many families lost almost all of their possessions in those tornadoes.

While many things can be replaced, a picture isn't one of them.

However, a group of photographers helped these families re-capture those memories.

Seven photographers from across Illinois gave tornado victims a photo shoot on Sunday.

"Food and money isn't really anything I have extra of, to be able to help out.," said photographer Amanda Weygand. "Just kind of thought 'what can i do to help these people?' photography is what I do."

They then edited the photos, and put them on a disc to give to the families.

It was all for free.

"It might seem so little to everybody else," said Weygand. "But to these people, it really is a lot more than just taking some pictures."

It is recreating memories, something tornado victim Shirley Lukavich thought would only last in her mind.

Not anymore.

"We wanted that picture that's going to help, maybe, with closure," said Lukavich. "(My daughter) said, 'Mom, that's going to be our tornado picture.'"

Eighteen families took advantage of the free photos.

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