Police Continue Push for Construction Zone Safety

Police Continue Push for Construction Zone Safety

State Police are still spending a lot of time patrolling construction zones across central Illinois.
PEORIA – Summer may be winding down but some of central Illinois’ construction zones aren’t going away any time soon.

Illinois State Police continue to urge drivers to slow down to keep roadside workers safe.

Trooper Dustin Pierce said police have written nearly 500 speeding tickets in construction zones this year.

About 98 percent of those tickets were issued in the construction zone on Interstate 74 near Morton.

Pierce said another 464 tickets have been issued for distracted driving. “We've had a lot of close calls of course with motorists traveling that kind of speed going through there. We've had people texting going through the construction zone as well as being on their cell phones. Thankfully, we have not had any major crashes with severe injuries yet.”

Pierce said police caught a driver going 101 miles per hour through the Morton construction zone last week. Speeding tickets issued in a construction zone start at $375 with a mandatory court appearance.
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