Pothole Problems: Winter Weather Leaves Rough Spots in Roads

Pothole Problems: Winter Weather Leaves Rough Spots in Roads

Peoria Public Works is busy repairing hundreds of potholes.
PEORIA – Peoria Public Works crews are out in full force, but this week it’s not because of the snow or the ice.


The record lows we experienced last week have created quite a pothole problem in Peoria. Although that’s expected, it’s keeping city crews very busy again this week.


Streets Manager David Haste said, “All day today, we have 16 trucks out."


The work doesn’t stop for Peoria Public Works. Haste said patching up hundreds of potholes is a top priority. “A lot of potholes, hopefully we have the damaging potholes taken care of by now but we still have a lot of minor potholes to repair."


Crews are laying a temporary fix. It’s a gooey tar and gravel mixture that will hopefully help save your tires.


Terry Beachler owns Beachler’s in Peoria. He said he sees this every year, but this year seems to be a little bit worse.


He said, “If you hit a big pothole it can certainly damage rims, suspension, rear suspension, sometimes tires, or lose a $75 hubcap."


Most times, potholes are hard to avoid, but if you’re heading straight for it, Beachler said to maintain your speed. Accelerating or braking will only do more damage.


He also suggests maintaining good tire pressure. He describes the potholes, "It's like a big case of chicken pox for the street. It just breaks out everywhere."


As long as we’re experiencing winter weather, we’re bound to run into a few rough spots. Haste added, “We're always going to have potholes. It's something we'll just have to live with."

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