Pumpkins Soar at Punkin Chuckin Competition

Pumpkins Soar at Punkin Chuckin Competition

Some launch 5,000 feet away...
MORTON - Morton is known for its pumpkins, but it's rare to see those orange symbols of pride flying through the air like they did on Saturday.

The seasonal tradition took place at the annual “Punkin Chuckin” competition.

People from all over the state came to compete and watch catapults, trebuchets and air cannon's launch pumpkins across an empty field.

Competitors said the work that goes into it is rewarded when they see that orange soar.

"It's fun to watch pumpkins smash and the engineering is a lot of fun,” said Seamus McGuinness, who traveled from Naperville to complete. We've almost doubled our shot from last year and it's really great."

Devices launch five to 10 pound pumpkins, some landing as far 5,000 feet away.
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