Quinn Signs Bill to Meet FEMA Obligations

Quinn Signs Bill to Meet FEMA Obligations

Will help with April flooding and future disasters.
WASHINGTON - Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill in Washington Tuesday to help with funding from the spring floods, but said it will eventually help people recover from November’s tornadoes, too.

The bill transfers almost $6-million that will meet the states cost-sharing obligations with FEMA for federal funds from the historic flooding in April.  Those funds have already helped people who were affected to replace lost or damaged property. The bill had to be signed by the end of the year. Quinn said meeting this deadline will help out in the future, too.

"We have to be current in our account with the Federal government in order to get the kind of relief we want for the tornado victims or any other folks who might have trouble with a natural disaster in the coming year," he said.

Quinn also encouraged people to register with FEMA. The deadline to apply for federal aid is January 27th. There are few different avenues for people to register:

Online: disasterassistance.gov
Mobile Website: m.fema.gov

Phone: 800-621-FEMA (800-621- 3362)
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